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Abstract Photography Blog

April 6th, 2017

This blog highlights my personal journey as a photographic artist. It also includes comments, articles, opinions about abstract photography in particular, as well as comments about the process of photographic intent, capture, and vision. This is not a place where equipment will be discussed unless it relates specifically to creating a particular work and is essential for the treatment being discussed. This is about vision, and vision cannot be discussed with context and history. I have been strongly influenced by Abstract Expressionism particularly. I am also influenced by religion, spirituality, and especially contemplative practices and pursuits in both the Catholic and Buddhist tradition. These ideas and practices direct my own practice of capturing images more than just about anything else. I grew up in the middle of film and all the wonderful film processes and the darkroom. Even though I have moved into the digital darkroom the ethos of the red light and reflections off the solutions in trays, as well as the smells and such are all still a part of how I create my images. I treasure my past training and the people who nudged and pushed me forward. These are the kind of ideas and information you will find here.